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Thuan Dao IP, Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district, Long An provice


Thuan Dao IP's internal road:

  • Asphalt concrete, designed according to Viet Nam standards H30
  • The Internal road is from 15m to 30m in width

Infrastructure outside the IP:

  • Nguyen Trung Truc Street with 30m road limit connecting the IP into the National way 1A
  • Long Cang – Long Dinh Street with 24m road limit connecting the IP into the Ben Luc Town
  • Street 16 with 24m road limit connecting the IP into the Can Duoc Town

Power System:

  • Ben Luc transformer station, 110/22 KV power, capacity 40 + 63 MVA
  • Rach Chanh transformer station, 110/22 KV power, capacity 40 MVA
  • Thuan Dao IP transformer station, 110/22 KV power, capacity 65 MVA

CNG Station:

  • The station supplies CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for enterprises in the industrial park
  • Minimum design capacity 6.000 m3/h (1m3 = 0,717 kg)

Water System:

  • The Go Den water plant supplies 7.200 m3/day
  • The Hoang Long water plant supplies 10,000 m3/day
  • Long An water plant supplies 60,000 m3/day

The main water pipe is Φ 250mm and the branch pipe is Φ 200 - 150mm

Fire Prevention System

  • The fire prevention staff is being trained professionally.
  • There are fire protection car. The fire protection water pipe system is along the street: 150m/pipe, Φ 100mm

Storm water drainage system

  • Rain water flowing through the box culvert system, brack pressure valve to Chanh Canal and to Vam Co River. Non-flooded area.
  • Hydrological Vam Co River: water level is +1.40m in October; once every 100 years water level is +1,65m. Elevation of internal road is +2.0m ÷ +2,1m, elevation of wearehouse is +2,3m, exceed safety elevation (+2.3m – 1.65m = 0.65m > +0.5m).

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Land area: 15,000m2 , Capacity of phase 1: 2,500 m3/day, of phase 2: up to 5,000 m3/day depending on demand of investors

Pipe line Φ 600 – 800. Wastewater treated by the enterprise according to B standard, Wastewater treated by the IP according to A Standard – QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT

  • The Thuan Dao IP invested monitoring station, auto check the waste water before being discharged into the Rach Chanh Canal.


  • VNPT Group ensures providing services for telephone, fax, internet…for investors
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