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Thuan Dao IP, Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district, Long An provice

Industries allowed into the IP

  1. 01.  Projects of mechanicals including a plating process
  2. 02.  Projects of building materials & interior decoration (industries that cause less environmental pollution)
  3. 03.  Projects of manufacturing agricutural products, animal feed (dry materials), agricutural storage
  4. 04.  Projects of mechanicals, casting, manufacturing agricutural fishery machines
  5. 05.  Projects of manufacturing plastic products
  6. 06.  Projects of processing food, beverage, agroforestry
  7. 07.  Projects of biotechnology, manufacturing medical equipment
  8. 08.  Projects of manufacturing domestic and export consumer goods: Housewares, cosmetics, woodwork, pottery, porcelain, glass, garment
  9. 09.  Projects of waste treatment: Building non-toxic industrial waste treatment & disposal facilities
  10. 10.  Projects of wood & plywood processing (without impregnated)
  11. 11.  Projects of manufacturing / storage of fertilizer (except extracting, packing plant protection drugs)
  12. 12.  Projects of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine
  13. 13.  Projects of manufacturing industrial glue, package, garment
  14. 14.  Projects of station of LPG & CNG
  15. 15.  Projects of manufacturing chemicals and chemical products (except toxic chemicals); paint (except oil paint), varnish and similar ones; printing ink and mastics; cosmetics, soap, detergents, polisher and hygiene products; other uncategorized chemical products: manufacturing chemicals, chemical additives and chemical products for paper, dyeing, printing, cosmetics, soap, detergent
  16. 16.  Other processing and manufacturing industries: manufacturing instruments; sport and exercise eqiupment; toys, games; medical, dental, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment and tools; other uncategorized production
  17. 17.  Projects of manufacturing paper and paper products (except pulp)
  18. 18.  Projects of manufacturing electronic products, computers and optical products: Manufacturing electronic components; computers; communication equipment; consumer electronic products; optical tools and equipment; magnetic and optical tape and disk
  19. 19.  Projects of manufacturing electrical equipment: electrical motor, transformer, generator, power distribution and control equipment; power wire, cable and other electronics; electrical wiring equipment of all kinds; lighting equipment; consumer electronics; other electrical equipment
  20. 20.  Projects of manufacturing products from prefabricated metal (except machines, equipment): metal electrical structures; forging, stamping, pressing and rolling metal; mechanical processing; cutlery, hand tools and common metal utensils; other uncategorized metal products (with a plating process, not allowing plating processing projects)
  21. 21.  Projects of manufacturing non-metallic mineral products: glass and glass products; other ceramic products; lime and plaster
  22. 22.  Projects of manufacturing refined petroleum products; petroleum-based products; asphalt, lubricants, perfumes, artificial fibers
  23. 23.  Projects of manufacturing uncategorized machines and equipment: pumps, compressors, other taps and valves; stationery machines and equipment (except computers and their peripherals); machines for textile, garment and leather
  24. 24.  Projects of manufacturing fur leather garments; finished fur leather and related products (already through processing and tanning process); luggage, bag and similar ones, saddle from finished fur, leather; clothes, belt, bag from finished fur leather
  25. 25.  Projects of manufacturing parts and auxiliary components for motor vehicles and vehicle engines (electrical vehicles, motorcycles and cars)
  26. 26.  Projects of processing finished products after processing cattle, poultry and sea food (except fishmeal, slaughter)


Hot Line

Hotline 1: (+84) 909 82 1368

Hotline 2: (+84) 935 82 1368