Hotline: (+84) 909 82 1368 (+84) 935 82 1368
Thuan Dao IP, Ben Luc town, Ben Luc district, Long An provice

Receives the following industries

1. Projects on dyeing and textile:  

2. Projects on mechanical engineering and plating.

3. Projects on production of building materials, except the fibro cement roofing sheet.

4. Projects on transportation: production of asphalt concrete.

5. Projects on energy: production of power wire and cable.

6. Projects on electronics and telecommunication.

7. Projects on exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals.

8. Projects on waste treatment: build non-toxic industrial waste disposal and treatment facilities.

9. Projects on timber processing, production of glass and ceramic products.

10. Projects on food processing.

11. Projects on processing of agricultural products.

12. Projects on breeding and animal feed processing on cattle, poultry, fishery, except the project of construction of fishmeal processing facility.

13. Projects on production of chemical fertilizer, pesticide, except for the project of         extracting and packaging pesticide.

14. Projects on chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

15. Projects on production of paper and stationery.

16.Projects on CNG and LPG supply station.

Hot Line

Hotline 1: (+84) 909 82 1368

Hotline 2: (+84) 935 82 1368