Thuan Dao IP, Ben Luc Town, Ben Luc District, Long An Provice
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Overview Projects

Benefits for Investor

Thuan Dao Industrial Park is located locates at the center of Ben Luc Town, Ben Luc District, Long An Province. Long An Province is contiguous to the southwest of Ho Chi Minh city and is considered as the key trading gateway between the two major economic zones of the South and Mekong delta.
Thuan Dao IP connects to the national traffic system (road, airline, waterway and railway) easily and conveniently such as:
Road: National Road 1A, Ring Road 3 & 4,, Highway of HCMC – Trung Luong – Can Tho, Highwway of Ben Luc - Long Thanh; provincial road 830.
Airline: Tan Son Nhat International airport, Long Thanh International airport.
Waterway: Ben Luc Bourbon port, Long An International port, Cat Lai port.
Long term of land use, one-time payment for land lease and no annual land payment to the Government.
Thuan Dao is the IP that has the largest workforce at nearly 40,000 workers in Long An province. With plenty of young and local people, it assures the stability of the workforce.
The IP shall support the investor with procedure of “one stop service” to make applications for all licenses and certificates quickly and free of charge.
The investor can purchase the building materials with preferential prices from Dong Tam Group such as: concrete, wall and floor ceramic tile, roof tile, paint, uPVC door and window, sanitary ware.
The investor can use the utility services such as electricity, water, fuel (CNG natural gas) provided to the plants with competitive prices.
The investors are provided with the consulting service for environment, design, construction, work ownership, procedures of customs, tax, banking, accounting, bank loan, investment and construction of warehouses, machinery and equipments …

Industries allowed into the IP

Business receiving investment

Approved occupations allow Thuan Dao industrial park to accept a wide range of occupations

Wire, power supply
Production of building materials
Manufacture of spare parts and engines for vehicles
Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Food Processing
Distribution station, to extract liquefied gas CNG-LPG
Paper and stationery production
Detailed list of industries to invest first
  • Projects of mechanicals including a plating process
  • Projects of building materials & interior decoration (industries that cause less environmental pollution)
  • Projects of manufacturing agricutural products, animal feed (dry materials), agricutural storage
  • Projects of mechanicals, casting, manufacturing agricutural fishery machines
  • Projects of manufacturing plastic products
  • Projects of processing food, beverage, agroforestry
  • Projects of biotechnology, manufacturing medical equipment
  • Projects of manufacturing domestic and export consumer goods: Housewares, cosmetics, woodwork, pottery, porcelain, glass, garment
  • Projects of waste treatment: Building non-toxic industrial waste treatment & disposal facilities
  • Projects of wood & plywood processing (without impregnated)
  • Projects of manufacturing / storage of fertilizer (except extracting, packing plant protection drugs)
  • Projects of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine
  • Projects of manufacturing industrial glue, package, garment
  • Projects of station of LPG & CNG
  • Projects of manufacturing chemicals and chemical products (except toxic chemicals); paint (except oil paint), varnish and similar ones; printing ink and mastics; cosmetics, soap, detergents, polisher and hygiene products; other uncategorized chemical products: manufacturing chemicals, chemical additives and chemical products for paper, dyeing, printing, cosmetics, soap, detergent
  • Other processing and manufacturing industries: manufacturing instruments; sport and exercise eqiupment; toys, games; medical, dental, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment and tools; other uncategorized production
  • Projects of manufacturing paper and paper products (except pulp)
  • Projects of manufacturing electronic products, computers and optical products: Manufacturing electronic components; computers; communication equipment; consumer electronic products; optical tools and equipment; magnetic and optical tape and disk
  • Projects of manufacturing electrical equipment: electrical motor, transformer, generator, power distribution and control equipment; power wire, cable and other electronics; electrical wiring equipment of all kinds; lighting equipment; consumer electronics; other electrical equipment
  • Projects of manufacturing products from prefabricated metal (except machines, equipment): metal electrical structures; forging, stamping, pressing and rolling metal; mechanical processing; cutlery, hand tools and common metal utensils; other uncategorized metal products (with a plating process, not allowing plating processing projects)
  • Projects of manufacturing non-metallic mineral products: glass and glass products; other ceramic products; lime and plaster
  • Projects of manufacturing refined petroleum products; petroleum-based products; asphalt, lubricants, perfumes, artificial fibers
  • Projects of manufacturing uncategorized machines and equipment: pumps, compressors, other taps and valves; stationery machines and equipment (except computers and their peripherals); machines for textile, garment and leather
  • Projects of manufacturing fur leather garments; finished fur leather and related products (already through processing and tanning process); luggage, bag and similar ones, saddle from finished fur, leather; clothes, belt, bag from finished fur leather
  • Projects of manufacturing parts and auxiliary components for motor vehicles and vehicle engines (electrical vehicles, motorcycles and cars)
  • Projects of processing finished products after processing cattle, poultry and sea food (except fishmeal, slaughter)

Regional map

Detailed site plan Click on the image to see a larger size


Thuan Dao IP's internal road:
  • Asphalt concrete, designed according to Viet Nam standards H30
  • The Internal road is from 15m to 30m in width
Infrastructure outside the IP:
  • Nguyen Trung Truc Street with 30m road limit connecting the IP into the National way 1A
  • Long Cang – Long Dinh Street with 24m road limit connecting the IP into the Ben Luc Town
  • Street 16 with 24m road limit connecting the IP into the Can Duoc Town
Power System:
  • Ben Luc Electrical Substation, 110/22 KV power, capacity 40 + 63 MVA
  • Rach Chanh Electrical Substation, 110/22 KV power, capacity 40 MVA
  • Thuan Dao IP Electrical Substation, 110/22 KV power, capacity 65 MVA
CNG Station:
  • The station supplies CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for enterprises in the industrial park
  • Minimum design capacity 6.000 m3/h (1m3 = 0,717 kg)
Water System:
  • The Go Den water plant supplies 7.200 m3/day
  • The Hoang Long water plant supplies 10,000 m3/day
  • Long An water plant supplies 60,000 m3/day

The main water pipe is Φ 250mm and the branch pipe is Φ 200 - 150mm

Fire Prevention System:
  • The fire prevention staff is well-trained and highly professional.
  • There are firetrucks stationary at the IP the fire fighting pipe system runs along the street: 150m/pipe, Φ 100mm
Storm water drainage system:
  • Rain water flowing through the box culvert system, brack pressure valve to Chanh Canal and to Vam Co River. Non-flooded area.
  • Hydrological Vam Co River: water level is +1.40m in October; once every 100 years water level is +1,65m. Elevation of internal road is +2.0m ÷ +2,1m, elevation of wearehouse is +2,3m, exceed safety elevation (+2.3m – 1.65m = 0.65m > +0.5m)
Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Land area: 15,000m2 , Capacity of phase 1: 2,500 m3/day, of phase 2: up to 5,000 m3/day depending on demand of investors

Pipe line Φ 600 – 800. Wastewater treated by the enterprise according to B standard, Wastewater treated by the IP according to A Standard – QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT

  • The Thuan Dao IP invested monitoring station, auto check the waste water before being discharged into the Rach Chanh Canal.
  • VNPT Group ensures providing services for telephone, fax, internet…for investors


  • Labor Union Office of Industrial Parks of Long An Province

    Labor Union Office of Industrial Parks of Long An Province

  • Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank

    Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank

  • Police Station of Thuan Dao IP

    Police Station of Thuan Dao IP

  • Fire-fighting team and office

    Fire-fighting team and office

  • LaborUnionOffice.jpg

    CNG gas station

Product - Unit Price

Industrial Land:
  • Area for lease from 7,000 m2 or more
  • Term of land use: Until September, 2061
Ready-built factory building:
  • Area for lease at least 1,650 m2 to 8,500 m2
  • Warehouse: Steel framed structure, 8m - 12m in height. Concrete floor with wired mesh, automatic rolling door.
  • Term of lease: At least 05 years
Unit Price – Mothods:
  • Please contact Sales Department for more details

Detailed site plan

Detailed site plan Click on the image to see a larger size

Direction to Thuan Dao IP

Utility Service Fees

1. Fee of electricity: Decision No. 377/QD-EVN dated April 27, 2023
No. Hour Unit Price (no VAT)
1 Normal hour 1,669 Mon - Sat 04:00 - 09:30 11:30 - 17:00 20:00 - 22:00
Sun 04:00 - 22:00
2 Low hour 1,084 From 22:00 to 04:00 next morning
3 Peak hour 3,093 Mon - Sat 09:30 - 11:30 17:00 - 20:00
2. Fee of water supply: 14.880 VND/m3 (not inclusive of VAT)
3. Fee of tel, internet: According to the price table of VNPT
4. Fee of infrastructure maintenance: 1,000 VND/m2/month (not inclusive of VAT)
5. Fee of management: 500 VND/m2/month (not inclusive of VAT)
6. Fee of wastewater treatment: 9,075 VND/m3 (not inclusive of VAT)
  • The volume of wastewater shall be calculated equal to 80% of volume of monthly water supply

Please kindly contact Sales Department for more details